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Walker is the lower body rig for animators.

This rig is perfect for professional animators and beginners to practice and understand body mechanics.

By only having the lower body, animators can focus on important fundamentals such as weight shifts, center of gravity, gaits and more. Having a good understanding of how the lower body and the center of gravity works, animators will find it much easier to achieve success when they move on to a full body rig. 

  • Multiple space switching options available - World, Master and COG space
  • Many extra feet attributes such as Heel Roll, Heel Pivot, Ball Roll, Ball Pivot, Toe Roll, Toe Pivot, Toe Bend and Foot Bank
  • Stretchy attribute for IK legs allowing for super exaggerated poses
  • Softness attribute for IK legs that make fixing knee pops easy
  • Adjustable length for upper and lower legs
  • Uniform scaling of entire rig to your liking



Maya 2017+


Terms of Use:

You are allowed to use the "Walker" rig for your personal, non-commercial internal use only. Please credit Decogged for the rig in your showreel or work!