Decogged is a resource center for animators. Whether you are an industry veteran or a beginner who just discovered what animation is, there is something that you can grab or learn from on this platform. From free courses for starters to more intensive mentorship programs for the more experienced - there is something useful for everybody. 

The reason why Decogged was initially created was simple - to get students a job in the industry, specifically in animated features or VFX. Why?

It was because we were once those students. We remember how difficult it was for us to get our foot in the door. Being unemployed for over half a year was something that we frankly don't want to experience again. When we talk to students and junior animators, we get reminded of that 'shitty' feeling and the hopelessness we felt when we were in that position.

Now that we are in a much better position in our careers, we thought we can share what we have learned over the years and maybe - just maybe - we can help others get to where they want to be at a much shorter duration. So, we compiled all our learnings to one convenient place.

There is alot of information out there about animation but knowing where to start, which way to move forward and what is useful is overwhelming. Hence, we have organized our courses so that artists won't have to worry about the noise and trust that what they are learning is straight to the point and practical to a work setting - No fluff. 

Back then, we hoped there would have been someone to guide us more along each step of the way to make it in the industry. Now, we want to do just that on our platform - guide animators until they don't need us anymore. 



    Jamie is a senior animator at Sony Imageworks. Prior to animation, he was in the finance sector out of college. He decided to give that up because that was not the life he wanted to live. So, he gave up his college degree and pursued animation instead.

    He started off at a small TV commercial studio helping with simple generalist tasks and studying animation during the off hours on the side. Things started to look up when he got offered work at Luma Pictures in Melbourne on his first feature TV show, Figaro Pho. He got his big break a year after, when Animal Logic decided to hire him on The Lego Batman Movie. Since then, they have kept him on for movies such as: The Lego Ninjago Movie, Peter Rabbit 1, The Lego Movie 2. He also spent time at Framestore working on His Dark Materials, as well as Cinesite on Riverdance. He was back at Animal Logic working on the next DC feature film, Super Pets, and now is at Sony working on The Seabeast.


    Billy is a 3D generalist with an extensive list of over 25 film credits; some notable films like Jojo Rabbit, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and Deadpool. Throughout his career, he has worked on everything from music videos, TV commercials, short films, animated kids tv shows and even a super bowl ad. He is currently the Lead Layout Artist at Luma Pictures, but prior to that has been a long time animator and technical director on many of the studio's projects.

    Starting as a rigger/animator at Mighty Nice, a boutique advertising studio in Australia, he worked on fully animated commercials and pitches for animated TV shows. For the past 7 years, he has been a resident artist at Luma Pictures, working on both imaginative indie films and block buster films. Along the way, he's taken a fancy to programming and is now developing helpful tools to give back to the animation and arts community.