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The most overpowered Maya snapping tool... probably.

Elegantly coded. Beautiful, unobtrusive UI. Simple on the surface. Highly customizable underneath.

  • All the usual snapping tool capabilities.
  • Snap many objects to a single object.
  • Snap to the closest point on a mesh surface, AND orient it to the face normal. Want to stick a bunch trees onto a surface? No problems.
  • Snap to objects with FROZEN transformations. Impossible? No, it's possible.
  • Store and snap to stored values whenever you want.
  • Snap objects over selected timeline range. Yes, that means snapping TO animated objects. Yes, it also means, snapping animated objects over the selected frames to a stored position. Foot slips? No problems.
  • Multi Snap. Pair objects together, then snap pairs together. Intuitively manage pairs of objects.
  • Snap to the center of objects.
  • Snap to the pivot of objects.
  • Ability to snap only translate/rotate/scale.
  • Copy/paste one object's transform values to another.
  • Snap one rig to another rig using Multi Snap.
  • Extensive help section, with pictures.


Maya 2017+